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“I saw the value in helping other teachers find a curriculum that effectively instills workforce readiness in Montana students.”

My name is Tiana Yates, and I live in Colstrip, Montana. I graduated college with a degree in Business and Economics, but upon moving to Colstrip, I discovered my passion for education. After obtaining my Master of Art in Teaching, I have enjoyed teaching in Colstrip for the past three years. During my time in the classroom, I discovered the Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) curriculum. There were so many benefits to using the curriculum that I incorporated it into all my classes.

As much as I loved being in the classroom, I saw the value in helping other teachers find a curriculum that effectively instills workforce readiness in Montana students. YE takes out a lot of the guesswork when lesson planning and this curriculum engages all types of students and prepares them for life outside of the classroom. YE teaches soft skills, encourages an entrepreneurial mindset, utilizes activity-based learning, and allows students to try new things using experiential self-discovery. In addition, the curriculum and support around Youth Entrepreneurs empower teachers.

One of my favorite parts of YE is the empowerment creates a positive and exciting classroom culture that benefits students.

In my role as the YE Montana Coordinator, it is my goal to help teachers feel empowered and guide them through this curriculum so they can create opportunities for their students that may not have seemed possible before.

Current YE Montana teachers have shared that using YE has renewed their excitement for being in the classroom and even kept them in education. From firsthand experience, this curriculum changed my outlook on the classroom and made me feel like I was setting students up with the tools to be successful after they left my classroom.

I have seen this curriculum be effective in large as well as rural communities. Every teacher and community is unique, and this curriculum can be molded the uniqueness of each teacher and community. I am genuinely excited to introduce Youth Entrepreneurs into all the schools across Montana. I am certain it will change the way communities view education and produce students who are prepared for whatever life holds for them.

If you are interested in bringing Youth Entrepreneurs into your classroom or community, please contact Tiana Yates by email at [email protected] or by phone at (307) 254.4154.

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