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The sophomores in Bainville’s Intro to Business class got a chance to put the Empowered/YE Foundational Principles into action building Towers out of classroom supplies. During the activity, teams used freedom, sound judgment, and opportunity to compete to build the tallest and most attractive tower while trying to create the tallest “city” height. 

However, during the activity debrief, the winning team soon came to the realization that by not having a win-win focus (refusing trades from other groups), they actually received significantly less classroom currency than they could have. Not only was the average tower height lower than it could have been, meaning they received a smaller prize purse, but they admitted that the lack of competition kept them from taking on the risk of building theirs even higher, meaning they underachieved. This helped them understand the value in being willing to trade, even with your competition, if you can find value for yourself in the deal. 

Meanwhile, other groups realized that they were not going to be able to compete on tower height, so they used their knowledge and passion and specialized in aesthetics.

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