The 67th Session of the Montana Legislature passed House Bill 632 which allows funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to be used for economic transformation, stabilization, and workforce development. $6 million of state ARPA funds have been designated to the Montana Rapid Retraining Program (MRRP). Over the next two years, the MRRP will identify and create up to 10 short-term occupational trainings designed by industry leaders and the Montana University System (MUS) to support Montana jobs that pay or provide a pathway to at least $50,000/year.

The Montana Chamber is asking for public input as we assist Governor Gianforte with the (MRRP) to address our state’s workforce shortage. We are partnering with targeted industry members, Envision 2026 investors, and many trade associations to gather feedback through a series of surveys to identify industry needs, skills gaps, and effective job marketing strategies that directly impact the MRRP’s direction and funding strategy.

All responses are anonymous and aggregate data will be shared with the Montana Department of Commerce and Department of Labor & Industry in this collaborative effort between state agencies and the business community.


The Montana Chamber of Commerce is asking our members, Envision 2026 investors, partners, business leaders, and as many trade associations as possible, to help us gather feedback for the Montana Rapid Retraining Program (MRRP) to address our state’s critical workforce shortage.

This survey has now closed, but we’re looking forward to sharing the results and subsequent actions with you in the near future.

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