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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.” You’ll be provided the opportunity to visit with and learn from such men and women – in-person or remotely – at our Annual Meeting & Tradeshow at the end of this month.

Here are 5 MORE REASONS to attend:

  1. Celebrate accomplishments and achievements. We’re so excited to announce this year’s manufacturer of the year awards at our Annual Meeting, and you’re invited to share in recognizing one of Montana’s most important industries. We’ve partnered with Montana Manufacturing Association for our events, and we’re looking forward to expanding our audience and partnering with a quality group of businesses.
  2. Draw energy from like-minded individuals. Montana’s business community is diverse, but our collective challenges and opportunities bring us together. Our annual meeting provides the perfect opportunity for you to network with like-minded individuals and leaders in your field.
  3. Invest in the success of your business. Professional development is key to growth and development. One study reports companies who offer professional development opportunities have 34% higher retention rates. With workforce shortage, a challenge across industries, retaining employees has become increasingly important. By sending a representative of your company to our annual meeting, you’ll have a direct impact on their likelihood of remaining vested in your organization.
  4. Learn something new. From cybersecurity to international trade, our annual meeting provides opportunities to learn something new that will directly impact your organization’s future successes. As the adage goes, if you’re not green and growing, you’re brown and dying.
  5. You can’t afford not to attend. Attendance at our annual meeting allows you to network with other leaders in the business community across the state, professional development opportunities not available anywhere else, and the chance to celebrate the achievements of Montana’s businesses. There simply isn’t another event like it.

We hope you join us at this year’s Annual Meeting and Tradeshow.

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