Eye on Business

The Eye on Business is distributed to all Montana Chamber members and to over 7,000 businesses in the state. This quarterly magazine is packed with business-centric features, industry profiles, reports on past and upcoming Montana Chamber events, and insightful editorials written by industry experts focusing on small business start-ups, entrepreneurship, industry profiles, finance, sales and marketing, new technology and other workplace innovations. Contact Kimberly Casey at [email protected] or 406-437-4634 to advertise or contribute.

Eye on the Vote

In preparation for each upcoming election cycle, the Montana Chamber team develops a questionnaire on issues including workforce readiness, infrastructure, economic health, issue advocacy, what makes them the pro-business candidate, and much more. Eye on the Vote informs our members where candidates stand on important issues that affect Montana businesses.

Voting Reviews

The Montana Chamber distills the results of each biennial legislative session into unique, in-depth reports that detail how each legislator voted on bills that impact the business community.

Research and Analysis

Envision 2026 has allowed the Chamber to invest in research to help build the case for many of its subsequent legislative victories.
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