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Governor Gianforte is serious about improving Montana’s regulatory climate. Shortly after inauguration, the Governor tapped Lt. Governor Juras, a successful attorney before the election, to lead his Red Tape Relief effort; a project intended to root out regulations in Montana that are overly  burdensome, needless or duplicative.
The Gianforte Administration is looking for help from the business community to identify problematic regulations. Regulatory reform fits under the Montana Chamber’s Envision 2026 Business Climate pillar – an issue identified by business leaders when the Montana Chamber was formulating it’s 10 year strategic plan.
It’s a rare opportunity for Montana businesses. Identify the problem. Offer the solution. And a decision-maker willing to act. The Montana Chamber can be your conduit for passing those business dampening regulations on to the Lt. Governor for consideration.
The Montana Chamber’s Government Relations Director, Bridger Mahlum, is working closely with the Gianforte Administration on this project and is looking for additional input from Montana businesses. If you have ideas for regulatory improvement, drop Bridger a note  at [email protected]
With a Governor ready and willing to improve the regulatory climate, it’s up to Montana businesses to act on the opportunity.

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