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The Pacific Northwest’s unprecedented “Heat Dome” is bringing extremely high temperatures to a mild part of the country, prompting Governor Gianforte this week to declare a statewide drought emergency in Montana. Significantly, these temperatures are causing a great deal of stress on state electrical generating systems. Rolling blackouts and record-breaking electricity prices are poised to make a bad situation even more challenging in many parts of the country. The impact is costly to consumers and shakes confidence within the business community. Affordability is important. Reliability is critical.  
As electricity demand grows in the Pacific Northwest region, ignoring the need for reliable energy production in all weather conditions comes with consequences not only to human health but also economic stability. Access to affordable energy is also becoming a more influential decision point for businesses as they consider where to locate their operations. 
Montana has long been blessed with consistent access to power at a reasonable price. We must not take for granted this reliability and affordability in the Treasure State. It’s a selling point for our economic development, and we must jealously protect it to avoid the unpleasant reality faced by other regions of our country. 
Your Montana Chamber will continue supporting policies that foster an all-of-the-above energy portfolio that promotes economic growth, creates jobs, and enhances energy security for Montana’s economic future. 
Todd O’Hair
President & CEO
Montana Chamber of Commerce

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