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Online booking now available for huts, cabins, and campgrounds

American Prairie had a record setting year in 2023 with more than 5,000 visitors at its National Discovery Center in Lewistown, Montana, and over 5,900 overnight visitors at its huts and campgrounds. That’s an increase of 25 percent in guests staying at American Prairie’s lodging facilities, and 37 percent in the number of people passing through the NDC.

“We saw our highest volume yet of visitors last year and welcomed people from 43 states,” said Mike Kautz, Director of Public Access and Recreation at American Prairie. “Even more, a growing number of Montanans are seeking out adventure on the prairie, with 83% of our visitors coming from within the state.”

2024 Reservations

Online reservations for the 2024 visitation season are now open. Considering the steady increase in visitor numbers, guests interested in reserving an American Prairie hut, cabin, or campground space are encouraged to make reservations early. All visitors are encouraged to make a stop at the American Prairie National Discovery Center at 302 W. Main in Lewistown, on their way to or from the prairie.

American Prairie offers a variety of overnight accommodations for families and groups to stage adventures onto the prairie grasslands. Price points range from $13-$19 per night for a tent campsite, $19-$38 per night for an RV spot, and $173 per night for a hut that sleeps up to nine.


• Learn about Myers Family Huts: Open April 5 to December 3

• Learn about Antelope Creek Campground: Open May 26 to October 1

• Learn about Buffalo Camp: Open year-round


“Whether you come for one day or one week, we invite you to get off the beaten path and make memories in a truly unique corner of Montana,” said Kautz. “These prairie grasslands are a great location to explore for anyone who enjoys wildlife watching, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, or hunting.” 

Reservation booking links are available at The website offers information and trip planning resources, including maps, lodging descriptions, and amenity lists. Visitors also are encouraged to review safety considerations prior to staying on the prairie. 

Overnight Visitor Numbers

The number of visitors to American Prairie lodging facilities has steadily grown each year since its first hut opened in 2018. While the COVID pandemic contributed to a surge in Montanans seeking refuge outdoors in less crowded parts of the state like American Prairie, Kautz says growth the last two years has been more gradual.   

“We have seen a consistent and steady increase in the number of people choosing the prairie as a destination for their summer and fall travel,” said Kautz. “Montanans recognize the beauty that exists in the middle part of the state and we’re happy to see return visitors year after year.”

American Prairie hosted 1,587 overnight reservations last year, which is a slight increase over the previous year. Montana residents accounted for 84% of all reservations at American Prairie’s hut system and 53% of campground reservations. A reservation is defined as a group reserving one unit of lodging (campsite, hut or cabin), and not a count of individual visitors.

National Discovery Center Welcomes More Visitors   

The National Discovery Center, located at 302 W. Main in Lewistown, also saw an increase in the number of people passing through its doors. The visitor facility serves as a jumping off point for adventures and as an interactive educational center to teach visitors about the significance of Montana’s prairie ecosystem.

The NDC is free to the public and features interactive exhibits, community meeting spaces, and the Ken Burns American Heritage Theater. Last year, the facility welcomed over 3,500 visitors into the exhibit space. 83 percent of visitors were Montanans and nearly half of visitors were from the local community of Lewistown.

The National Discovery Center is open Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Visit to learn more, and follow American Prairie on Facebook for updates on upcoming events and programming. 


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