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HELENA, Mont. – The ConnectMT Broadband Office today launched SpeedSurvey, an online speed test to assess the download and upload speeds, latency, and jitter of internet users in Montana.

“As we work to expand access to reliable broadband in unserved and underserved Montana communities, we want to hear from Montanans about their internet service,” said Department of Administration Director Misty Ann Giles. “I encourage all Montanans to take the SpeedSurvey to help us learn more about connectivity issues as we work to close the digital divide.”

Montana’s SpeedSurvey site was developed by CTC Technology & Energy to help the ConnectMT team identify areas with connectivity issues by using feedback from the public.­ The tool detects the nearest server to the user’s IP address and tests latency and jitter by measuring the time it takes for the server to receive and send a reply to the user. Download and upload speeds are tested by exchanging data between the server and the user’s machine for a pre-determined length of time and averaging the speeds.

The Department of Administration can use the survey results to refine its existing broadband data and assess the affordability of internet service. The Department can also use the data to guide its own testing efforts, including sending engineers to test download and upload speeds once the survey identifies regions that need further assessment.

The survey is intended to allow anyone in Montana to report what type of broadband services are being utilized, including if there are no services available. Montanans may take the speed test and survey as many times and in as many locations as they’d like.

SpeedSurvey is available until September 22nd at

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