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KALISPELL, Montana – It’s long been the law that motorists must slow down and move over for emergency vehicles (police, fire, or ambulance). Montana House Bill 320, which became law on July 1, codifies commonsense requirements to move over and slow down for utility and highway maintenance vehicles, too.

The “Move Over” bill is intended to offer greater protection to utility and highway maintenance workers parked on the roadway or shoulder and displaying flashing or rotating red, white, blue, amber or green lights, or displaying any temporary sign advising of an emergency scene or accident ahead. Motorists must abide by any temporarily posted speed signs put up by workers, too. In the absence of signage, the following speed guidelines are in effect through the passage of related Montana House Bill 470:

  • On an interstate, motorists must slow by 20 MPH if they can move over.
  • On a state highway or county road, motorists must slow by 30 MPH if they can move over.
  • On any other road, or if a motorist cannot safely move over, motorists must slow to half of the posted speed limit.

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