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HELENA — Boeing officials and Helena education leaders gathered on Helena High School’s campus to unveil their new state-of-the-art machining system that will help with career and trade education.

The Boeing Company awarded Helena High School $25,000 to purchase a piece of high-tech machinery for the classes and clubs.

The machine will help prepare students for careers in the manufacturing industry, where they will use similar high-precision tools to make metal parts for aviation or other industries.

“We are so excited to have this equipment here supporting our programs. Boeing is amazing to be able to grant us this grant and the Helena Education Foundation with the grant money to provide this piece of equipment for our students. Our students are so excited,” said Cindy Galbavy, Welding Teacher for Helena High School.

In addition to the new machine, The Helena Education Foundation also received a $75,000 grant from Boeing to help bring interest in trade programs to middle school’s around the district.

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