Montana Chamber has Nine Bills Focused on improving Montana’s Business Climate
By the close of the 2021 legislative session, the Montana Chamber was able to get four business friendly bills signed into law—a new high water mark for the Montana Chamber. All four bills were in the “Tort Reform” arena and under the Chamber’s strategic pillar of improving Montana’s Business Climate. Among the bills signed into law in 2021 were the most significant changes to the Wrong Discharge Act since it’s passage in the 1980’s, increased liability protection for businesses from both Covid-19 and trespassers along with increased transparency in litigation involving injury. The 2021 legislative session was the most successful session the Montana Chamber has ever had on behalf of business. 
And as successful as 2021 was, we are even more optimistic about the business improvement opportunities that exist for the 2023 legislative session. The MT Chamber has nine bills focused on improving Montana’s business climate, once again largely focused on tort reform. The cost of litigation and the mere threat of litigation is a cost to all business. From increased business insurance rates to the direct cost of attorneys, court fees and settlements, tort reform is critical to reducing cost to business and creating certainty in the economy. 
Make no mistake, our bandwidth will be broad this session as we lead support on a whole host of other issues that affect Montana businesses.
In the coming weeks and throughout the session, we will update you on all our pro-business priorities and create opportunities for you to engage with us on issues most important to you. The Montana Chamber of Commerce is the state’s largest business advocacy organization and we are prepared to leverage our authority on behalf of the business community.  

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