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Economic Update SeriesNo doubt Montana is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have created seismic shifts in our economy, creating new opportunities and different challenges. Anecdotal evidence of challenges and opportunities are everywhere, along with lots of speculation on what it all means for our economy. 
The Montana Chamber Foundation is bringing data, facts, and intelligent discussion to the issue as we return to our annual Economic Update Series, starting in Kalispell, July 29. 
Dr. Pat Barkey with the University Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research, will undoubtedly provide fascinating insight on how Montana’s economy performed over the last year and where things might got from here. 
We are also adding a panel of regional experts at each of our stops to discuss Montana’s growth potential and hurdles to achieving that growth. We center the discussion around three of the fastest growing and most promising business sectors in Montana—high tech, bioscience and advanced manufacturing. 
The Economic Update series is designed to bring facts and data that will help us focus our attention on maximizing the potential for Montana’s economy. 

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