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Celebrating industry leaders who create, innovate & inspire

The Montana Manufacturing Association (MMA) sponsors the annual Montana Manufacturer of the Year Awards in conjunction with the Montana Chamber’s Business Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting. The awards recognize the importance of manufacturing to Montana’s economy by distinguishing leaders in innovation, growth, good corporate citizenship, and environmental excellence.

Receiving this award puts you and your achievements in the spotlight by exemplifying your commitment to excellence, dedication to employees and community investment. Winners exemplify the elite of manufacturing and innovation by highlighting your success to colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers.


2022 Manufacturer of the Year – Diversified Plastics: Located in Missoula, Diversified Plastics is an exceptional leader across North America and recognized for their work in industrial plastics engineering, design and fabrication for industries such as mining, wastewater, agriculture, food processing, conveying, automated car washes, and more. They are a plastic component innovator that continually looks for ways to improve the life of a product and reduce procurement and maintenance costs.

2022 Innovator of the Year – GTUIT: Headquartered in Billings and founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurial engineers as a technology company, GTUIT focused on remote well site gas processing to capture ‘stranded’ natural gas that was typically flared. They recognized the waste of a resource that could bring value back to their clients by capturing or utilizing the produced gas, all while reducing their site emissions. They are at the center of innovation as they reimagined natural gas processing and miniaturized the process, utilizing technological breakthroughs to make it mobile and modular. 

2022 Startup of the Year – BioSqueeze: Based in Butte America, BioSqueeze developed revolutionary biomineralization technology, in partnership between the Department of Energy and the Montana State University Center for Biofilm Engineering, that successfully seals oil and gas wells and stop methane leaks. Since 2021, they have sealed over 90 wells across 8 states. Their biomineralization technology can also be used to fill cracks in foundations, dams, bridges, nuclear reactors, missile silos, and more.

2022 Value-added Ag – Hi-Country Snack Foods: Since 1976, Hi-Country has been supplying small batch meat snacks and seasoning in Montana from their headquarters in Lincoln. They are proud to be able to use more premium Montana products like beef and honey in their products and are committed to expanding their reliance on local suppliers for Montana born, raised and processed beef to use in their jerky and meat products.


Innovator of the Year – Montana Instruments
Startup of the Year – Tuscano Machine
Value Added Agriculture Manufacturer – Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co 

2020  TowHaul

2019 Simms Fishing Products

2018 Blackhawk!

2017 West Paw Design 

2016 PDM

2015 Bittteroot Tool and Machine

2014 Woods Powr-Grip 

2013 Spika Welding

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