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The Latest:

The Prospects business pitch competition is an annual competition hosted by the Montana Chamber Foundation. Last year’s competition had a $53,000 prize purse, 50 judges, and 93 submissions! This year’s competition is in full swing and consists of two rounds, fall and spring. We are on track to have 100 judges and 200 student submissions. The Chamber Foundation has been raising money for the 2022 prize purse which is currently at $51,000. Currently, there is a combination of cash ($31,500), scholarships ($17,000), and airline tickets (2 with a value of $2,500). Thanks to our generous sponsors; visit The Prospects webpage to view the full list.

 Matt and Tiana have been checking in with classes across the state and there are already numerous ideas in the works! The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Montana and The Montana Chamber of Commerce is excited to reward students for their efforts. The effort to secure more prizes continues as the goal is to award $100,000 in prizes. If you are interested in supporting the competition or becoming a judge, please contact Matt Olson [email protected] or Tiana Yates- [email protected]

Important Details:

Contest categories:

 1. Students who already run small businesses

2. Students with innovative ideas for new products and services (includes community-based services).

*Students can submit as individuals or as teams. If they submitted an idea last year, they can resubmit with the caveat that they have either now started said business or have improved their idea. They will need to submit an updated video pitch and business summary.

 Submission dates:

  • Round one will close December 17th.
  • Round Two will open on January 17th and close on March 18th.
  • Judging will begin on March 19th and the awards ceremony will take place virtually on April 22nd at 12pm

Submission requirements: A two-minute or less video pitch and a 1000-word or fewer business summary. More details can be found here.

Submission portal: Accessed via the Chamber’s The Prospects webpage (scroll to bottom for contest FAQ).

The Prospects is Montana’s premier opportunity for high school students to demonstrate and be handsomely rewarded for their entrepreneurial spirit…that spirit you are unleashing in your classes.

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