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Diverse Coalition Forms to Oppose CI-121, Calls Initiative ‘Bad for Montana Families, Businesses, Farmers, and Ranchers’

A large, diverse, and unconventional coalition of Montanans has come together to oppose CI-121, a proposed measure that changes the Montana Constitution to limit valuations of property for tax assessment purposes. The coalition includes the Montana Association of Realtors, Montana Farm Bureau, Montana Farmers Union, Montana AFL-CIO, Montana Federation of Public Employees, Montana Infrastructure Coalition, Montana Chamber of Commerce, Montana League of Cities and Towns, Montana Bankers Association, Montana Contractors Association, Montana Rural Education Association, and Montana Budget and Policy Center. 

The coalition partners are urging Montana voters to decline to sign any petition attempting to place CI-121 on the ballot.

“Implementing this tax policy by constitutional initiative limits the prospects of meaningful tax reform that could benefit everyone who lives and works in Montana,” said Montana Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Director Bridger Mahlum. “CI-121 is not the solution. The Montana Chamber is committed to identifying fiscally responsible alternatives that don’t amount to tax shifts on small businesses.”

“Montana’s economy is on the rebound, but CI-121 hits Montana’s small businesses by shifting our state’s tax burden onto main street businesses, farmers, and ranchers,” said Montana Farm Bureau Executive Vice President John Youngberg. “This shift significantly hurts the bottom line of Montana’s farmers and ranchers while discouraging them from making investments in our communities when we need it most.”

“Amending Montana’s Constitution is not the place to establish complex tax policy,” said Montana Bankers Association President and CEO Cary Hegreberg. “If this ballot measure were to pass, we would never be able to fix the unintended consequences that will hit first-time homebuyers, seniors, agricultural landowners, and small businesses.  If you don’t understand what CI-121 really does, please don’t sign it.” 

The coalition members in opposition to CI-121 represent tens of thousands of working Montana families, small business owners, and farmers and ranchers in every Montana community.

“Montanans should be aware there are major long-term impacts from this proposal,” said Montana Budget and Policy Center Co-Director Heather  O’Loughlin. “Declining to sign is the only option to keep bad tax policy out of our constitution.” 

For more information, contact Bridger Mahlum, Government Relations Director, at [email protected].

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