Montana HealthCare Forum

The mission of the Montana HealthCare Forum is to develop innovative changes to the health care system in Montana through the engagement of stakeholders across Big Sky country.

The Montana HealthCare Forum is the largest and most diverse network of stakeholders and the public who are interested in health care policy and reform in Montana. Started in 2007, the HealthCare Forum includes representatives from consumers, advocacy groups, health care organizations, legislators, public health, business, education, providers, hospitals and medical centers, insurers, and government entities.

In addition to an annual conference, the HealthCare Forum convenes throughout the year to address specific topics and provide updates on healthcare issues.

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Advisory Committee

  • Jean Branscum, Montana Medical Association
  • Dick Brown, MHA an Association of Montana Health Care Providers
  • Webb Brown, Montana Chamber of Commerce of Commerce
  • Emily Coyle, American Cancer Society
  • Mike Foster, Sisters of Charity Leavenworth Health System/St. Vincent Healthcare
  • Kristin Juliar, Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC and Montana Rural Health Association
  • LynAnn Henderson, EBMS
  • Bill Lombardi, Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana
  • Richard Miltenberger, InterWest Health
  • Barbara Schneeman, Riverstone Health
  • Aaron Wernham, Montana Healthcare Foundation


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“I found the 2016 Montana Healthcare Forum very worthwhile. Healthcare and all of the related issues and costs will continue to be a significant factor for individuals, families, and the businesses they work for or operate. I encourage more consumers and employers to attend future conferences so that they can educate themselves and get a chance to speak with the policy makers, providers, and industry representatives.”