Montana Primary – Pro-Business Candidates Advance to the General Election

Montana’s primary elections concluded yesterday with around 40% voter turnout. The Montana Chamber supports candidates in contested primaries based on their record on business issues through the Montana Business PAC.

The following legislative candidates supported by the Montana Business PAC won their respective primaries and will be advancing to the general election.

  • HD 7: Courtenay Sprunger
  • HD 18: Llew Jones
  • HD 33: Brandon Ler
  • HD 38: Greg Oblander
  • HD 55: Brad Barker
  • HD 76: John Fitzpatrick
  • HD 84: Julie Dooling
  • HD 86: David Bedey
  • SD 45: Denley Loge
We were disappointed that business-minded candidates Tom Jenkins in HD 2, Tony Brockman in HD 8, Michele Binkley in HD 85, and Ray Shaw in SD 35 lost their respective races. They were each Champions of Business and supportive of Chamber priorities. We look forward to working with the new legislators from each of these districts.


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