For an economy to grow, you need a healthy business climate that includes competitive tax rates, an appropriate regulatory environment, and a predictable legal climate to name a few. Foundational to any economy is affordable, reliable electricity. All the best tax policies, tort reform and hard-working entrepreneurs are crushed to dust if electricity becomes unaffordable or unreliable. Despite the pandemic and inflation, Montana’s economic growth ranks among the most robust in the nation, recording the sharpest growth rate in over 40 years in 2021. Our state’s jobless rate at 2.5% in January is among the lowest, nearly a percentage point below the 3.4% national average. But Big Sky Country’s prolonged prosperity rests on getting our state’s energy policies right to sustain this economic boom. We need to strike a balance, especially since our per-capita energy consumption is among the country’s highest as economic growth sparks a growing rise in demand.

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