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TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS®) is honored to be named VETS Indexes Recognized Employer in the 2023 VETS Indexes Employer Awards. The award showcases the organization’s commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing, and supporting veterans and the military-connected community.
“TDS Telecom has demonstrated a commitment to recruiting veteran and military-connected employees, and then helping them grow and develop into leaders,” said George Altman, managing director of VETS Indexes.

For veterans who work at TDS, they receive Veterans Day off or the option to take another day. TDS also hosts a Patriot Associate Resource Group that brings together veterans and first responders, along with their family members, as a support network.

“We are incredibly proud of our veterans whowork here,” said Kathy Cefalu, vice president and chief human resources officers of TDS. “While serving our country, they made tremendous sacrifices, and we are so grateful for what they did to protect our freedoms. At TDS, we are honored to receive this recognition.”

“As more and more employers recognize the cutting-edge technical skills and soft skills veterans bring to the workplace, the race to attract military-connected talent gets increasingly competitive. The number of organizations participating in the 2023 VETS Indexes Employer Awards more than doubled since last year – but even in this highly competitive environment, TDS Telecom distinguished itself among veteran employers and should be commended,” Altman said.

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