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Lewistown, Montana based manufacturing company recognized by global industrial giants for its OSHA-compliant custom work platforms dons a new brand identity for a lofty global trajectory.

April 5, 2023 Lewistown, Montana – Spika Design & Manufacturing, Inc. has announced the unveiling of its new brand identity in line with its trajectory aimed at addressing complex access challenges in the most innovative companies around the globe.

The new brand aptly captures the optimism and global ambitions of the next generation of women leaders at the helm of a storied family-owned brand that has consistently served pioneers in the defense, aviation, space, and heavy industrial manufacturing industries with adjustable and mobile work platforms since the company’s founding in 2001.

“As we set the company on a new trajectory for the next 100 years, we want our brand to reflect the immense possibilities of the future being cultivated by our customers. Whether they are traveling to space or pioneering the future of ground transportation, our clients count on us to provide access to tough-to-reach places. We want them to feel that with Spika, nothing is out of reach,” says Katie Spika, President & CEO of Spika Design & Manufacturing. “Our new logo is a nod to the ascent of our customers to new heights, both practically and metaphorically. The minimalist brand reflects the elegance of combining safety, human factors, versatility, and automation in the design and development of comprehensive access systems,” adds Spika. “We invite our customers to join us in celebrating this exciting new trajectory towards a safer and more productive future,” concludes Spika.

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