Sue Malek

Montana’s film tax credit passed the Montana legislature in 2019.  The earnings for Montana in film jobs and associated services has astounded economists.  It’s not just filmmakers making money, carpenters, electricians, motel and restaurant owners, lumber yards and local communities have gained tremendously.

The series Yellowstone spent more than $75 million in the Bitterroot last year and the Yellowstone prequel 1923 spent an additional $75 million in Butte.  An economic study, completed by the Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research, concludes that these films not only created 527 new Montana jobs, $25.3 million in wages, $85.3 million gross receipts to businesses and $10.4 million in revenues for Montana, it resulted in more than $700 million in tourist spending in our state after Season 4 of Yellowstone was viewed across the US and in many European countries.

My goal in 2019 when I served my last session in the Montana legislature was to bring an industry to Montana that will provide good, high-paying jobs to people across our state, both in small towns and large, jobs that do not require years of additional education.  An industry that will highlight the beauty and diversity of our state.

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