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BUTTE, Mont. – BioSqueeze Inc., the world leader in commercial biomineralization, has raised $7.4 million in financing to accelerate its growth in sealing methane leaks in oil and gas wells across North America. Led by Valo Ventures, a leading investor in climate solutions, the round also includes participation from Zero Infinity PartnersRiverstone LLC, and Next Frontier Capital.

BioSqueeze’s innovative biomineralization technology was developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy over a 10-year period to provide the oil and gas industry with the most effective solution for sealing annular leaks in wells to eliminate fugitive emissions. Traditional remediation technologies like cements and resins are often ineffective at eliminating sustained casing pressure due to their high viscosity, difficulty bonding to casing and existing cement, and being gas cut. BioSqueeze boasts an industry leading success rate of +90 percent, with over 100 wells sealed since 2019. The company’s revolutionary technology utilizes natural soil bacteria delivered via low-viscosity, self-diverting fluids to form calcium carbonate (limestone), steadily reducing permeability to create a permanent, gas-tight seal. The result is the most effective solution for eliminating sustained casing pressure. A technology that cannot be gas cut, seals leaks as small as 1 micron wide, continuously self-diverts to ensure all channels are sealed, and forms a permanent caprock barrier stronger than cement.

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