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GREAT FALLS, Mont. – At Calumet Specialty Products Partners in Great Falls today, Governor Greg Gianforte highlighted the work of his Red Tape Relief Task Force and pointed to its meaningful results to eliminate burdensome, outdated, and unnecessary regulations tying up Montanans.

“As much as our tax cuts and reforms help hardworking Montanans, we recognize our state’s regulatory scheme is a wet blanket on job creation and business development,” Governor Gianforte said. “That’s why we’re cutting red tape, removing unnecessary regulatory obstacles, and changing the way Helena does business to spur innovation and better serve the people of Montana.”

Led by Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras, the Red Tape Relief Task Force has identified burdensome, outdated, and unnecessary regulations that need to be reformed, rolled back, or repealed. The task force is also working to overhaul policies that limit the responsiveness and effectiveness of state government.

Following a tour of Calumet, Carlos Centurion, Refinery Manager for Calumet Specialty Products Partners, praised the governor for his administration’s focus and results.

Working closely with the Department of Environmental Quality, Centurion commended the agency for adopting a culture of proactive, customer service.

“The Department of Environmental Quality helped streamline the existing environmental permitting process for the renewable fuels project. It was a very collaborative effort that resulted in one of the most efficient permits anywhere in the U.S. This is world class, it was the best that I’ve seen,” Centurion said. “We’re truly grateful to be in Montana and appreciate what the governor is doing for businesses in the state.”

Ron Colwell, General Manager of Montana Renewables, echoed Centurion’s comments.

“The success of the Governor’s efforts to streamline government regulations was very apparent as Calumet worked with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to obtain environmental construction permits for our Montana Renewables project,” Colwell said. “The confidence this collaboration with DEQ gave to Calumet allowed the early hire of additional workforce; maintaining the schedule commitment to construction contractors and investors; as well as early entry into the renewable diesel markets.”

“Being able to work together efficiently allowed Montana Renewables to come to life quickly and begin benefitting the Montana economy,” Colwell concluded.

The governor added, “Our red tape relief efforts are focused on creating that reliable, business-friendly regulatory environment to encourage more job creators, like Calumet, to invest in our state and people.”

In his first week in office, Governor Gianforte established the Red Tape Relief Task Force through executive order to conduct a comprehensive, top-to-bottom review of regulations in every state agency.

The task force is reforming Montana’s regulatory code to spur innovation, grow Montana’s economy, and create more good-paying jobs.

As a result of the task force’s work, the Montana Legislature is currently considering over 170 red tape relief bills. Gov. Gianforte thanked them for their efforts.

“I appreciate our legislative partners for helping more Montanans prosper by removing unnecessary, burdensome regulations,” the governor said.

Gov. Gianforte specifically highlighted Senate Majority Leader Steve Fitzpatrick; Sens. Wendy McKamey and Jeremy Trebas; and Reps. Fred Anderson, Ed Buttrey, Steve Galloway, Steve Gist, Russ Miner, George Nikolakakos, and Lola Sheldon-Galloway for their leadership in carrying legislation to cut red tape or improve how state government serves Montanans.

The governor also praised Rep. Josh Kassmier for “the pro-business, pro-family tax reforms he’s carrying this legislative session.” 


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