The Red Wave that wasn’t. Expectations going into election day were sky high for national Republicans, and Democrats were preparing for who to blame. By late in the night, it was apparent there wasn’t going to be a “Red Wave” nationally.
In Montana, Republicans gained legislative seats, creating a “Super Majority” and won the newly created Western House seat. 
For those who attended the MT Chamber’s Annual Meeting in Bozeman, the outcome from the election shouldn’t have been a big surprise. Nationally recognized political analyst Charlie Cook, provided a narrative that was prescient for the national elections:
  • The country is more narrowly divided politically than at any time before.
  • Voters are increasingly more partisan, regardless of how big of a scoundrel their own candidate is. 
  • A shockingly small number of votes determined the Presidential election and control of the Senate in 2020. Two years later, a shockingly small number of votes will determine control of the House and Senate.
The Montana Chamber has a positive relationship with Montana’s Congressional Delegation. We look forward to working with each of them on the “art of the possible” in a divided government. 
Congratulations to all successful candidates in the Montana elections!  And thank you to all that ran for office. The hard work, the risk of putting your name out for public reaction and your commitment to our great state is something we can all stand up and applaud.

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