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Butte, MT/ Sioux Falls, S.D. – July 28, 2022 – NorthWestern Energy announced today that Bob Rowe will retire as chief executive officer and a member of NorthWestern Energy’s board of directors at the end of 2022.

Yesterday, as part of a planned leadership succession process, the NorthWestern Energy board of directors appointed Brian B. Bird, currently the company’s president and chief operating officer, to serve as Rowe’s successor. Effective Jan. 1, 2023, Bird will assume the title and responsibilities of president and chief executive officer and become a member of NorthWestern Energy’s board of directors. For the remainder of 2022, Rowe will continue to work closely with Bird in support of a smooth transition, which began in February 2021 when the board approved a modification to the executive leadership team that named Bird president and chief operating officer.

“Bob Rowe is passionate about NorthWestern Energy’s culture, built on collaborative interaction, mentorship and fellowship,” said NorthWestern Energy Chairman of the Board Dana Dykhouse. “Our outstanding employee group, demonstrating a commitment to safety, commitment to our customers, commitment to our environment, and commitment to our communities is a testament to Bob’s relentless focus on promoting and supporting that culture. Bob’s vision of this company’s role in a rapidly changing energy future has successfully achieved the balance critical to our successes today, tomorrow and for years into the future. Brian is a respected industry financial leader with an excellent understanding of NorthWestern Energy’s operations. He has been instrumental in guiding the company to today’s solid financial footing.”

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