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March 16, 2022 – We’re pleased to announce Glacier Bancorp has committed to a Treasure State level of membership in the Montana Chamber of Commerce. The Montana Chamber actively recruits member support at a variety of levels. However, the Montana Chamber’s largest supporters are Treasure State members, and they are critical to fulfilling the Chamber’s mission. Glacier Bancorp is now one of four Montana companies that are top-tier Treasure State members.

“Supporting the Montana Chamber is great for Glacier Bancorp beyond the networking opportunities, the knowledge we receive about what’s going on across the state and the nation is valuable to our business and industry. The legislative issues and voting reviews help us to understand which initiatives are being supported and by whom at the Capitol.”  – Don Chery, EVP/CAO, Glacier Bancorp, Inc 

A regional bank holding company providing commercial banking services, Glacier Bank represents 224 banking offices in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. They offer a wide range of banking products and services, including transaction and savings deposits, commercial, consumer, and real estate loans, and mortgage origination services. Learn more on their website.

Glacier Bancorp has been an active and invested member of the Montana Chamber since 1994, and annually supports a multitude of Montana Chamber programs, including The Prospects youth entrepreneurship competition, professional development events, workforce readiness initiatives, and more.

“We are honored to have the highest level of support from Glacier Bancorp–an investment that will help us continue our work on creating and promoting a strong business climate in Montana. Glacier Bancorp’s investment reflects their confidence in the state, the Montana Chamber of Commerce and their commitment to growing the Montana economy. Support from our members give us the resources to have a proactive role in shaping legislation at the capitol, support appropriate investment in infrastructure, drive solutions for workforce development and stimulate the next generation of entrepreneurs.” -Todd O’Hair, President/CEO, Montana Chamber of Commerce.

The Montana Chamber of Commerce extends its most sincere appreciation for Glacier Bancorp’s continued support of our association and our programs.

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