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The Montana Chamber of Commerce is proud to be recognized as a dependable source of information among voters across Montana, according to the 2021 Business-Base poll (B-Base). In fact, this non-partisan poll determined business organizations like the Montana Chamber are held in the highest regard relative to other statewide advocacy organizations.

The poll also revealed a strong majority of those surveyed (67%) believe that the business community deserves the most credit for the state’s economic growth.

Voter confidence in Montana’s businesses continued throughout the survey in several key areas:

  1. A majority of respondents agreed that businesses can be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to protecting the environment (60%) and treating their workers fairly (61%);
  2. 64% said they trust businesses to follow the rules set for them; and
  3. 79% agreed that businesses get things done more efficiently than government.

Considering priorities for the next legislative session, the poll found that controlling government spending is most important for Republican and Independent voters while health care remains at the top among Democrats.

Results from the B-Base are analyzed by the Montana Chamber of Commerce and key stakeholders to show the Legislature what Montana’s voters care about and their opinions on different business issues. “This poll confirms several meaningful trends when it comes to voter perceptions of businesses and the role they play in driving Montana’s economy,” said Bridger Malcom, Government Relations Director for the Montana Chamber. “We look forward to combining this feedback with that of our business members to craft another pro-business legislative agenda for 2023.”

The B-Base is an annual scientific survey of 600 Montana voters and was most recently conducted in December 2021. This project is conducted by Moore Information Group, a leading U.S. public opinion research firm.

For additional information, please contact Charles Robison, Montana Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Director at [email protected]

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