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As we prepare for the 2021 Governors’ Cup golf tournament, we pay tribute to the event’s founder, the late Governor Stan Stephens.
Governor Stephens organized the first annual Governors’ Cup in 1991 with the help of the Montana Chamber Foundation. He was determined to create a business development event where business leaders from across the state could gather and meet with stakeholders interested in doing business in Montana.
Over the years, the Governors’ Cup grew in popularity, and this year, we have a record 86 teams playing three beautiful courses across the Flathead Valley. A fitting tribute to the lasting vision of Governor Stephens.
I was privileged to know Governor Stephens. He was the definition of a gentleman. Outgoing. Gracious. Polite. And a fast friend upon introduction. Governor Stephens was the best of Montana. The best advocate the state and the Montana Chamber could have.
Governor Stephens never missed a Governors’ Cup tournament and played every year as a highly sought-after guest player until 2019. This year’s Governors’ Cup will not be the same without him, but we will feel his presence all the same.
Here’s to the gentleman that founded the Montana Governors’ Cup golf tournament.

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