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HELENA- On April 15, the Montana Chamber of Commerce will kick off a series of online Tele-Town Hall events providing a unique opportunity for the business community to interact with gubernatorial candidates.

“One of our greatest strengths as an organization is bringing business leaders, candidates, and elected officials together,” said Todd O’Hair, Montana Chamber President and CEO. The Montana Chamber has a diverse membership, and Montana’s business climate is evolving. The Chamber is providing opportunities like this because we are uniquely positioned to facilitate a productive dialogue between business leaders and the candidates who seek to represent them.

In-person events are essential to the election process, but with the limitations placed on large gatherings due to Coronavirus, candidates and constituents have had limited ability to interact. The Montana Chamber is proud to offer this alternative, giving voters the ability to “meet” the candidates using video conferencing technology.

“This pandemic will end, and we will need to be ready to rebuild our economy when it does,” O’Hair added “Montana’s next governor will play a pivotal role in ensuring that we can return to business and stay in business.”

The Montana Chamber of Commerce continues to play a vital role in election cycles by delivering candidate information to its members.  In lieu of candidate endorsements, the Montana Chamber is hosting events like this series to help voters identify those candidates who will advance Montana’s business climate.

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