Check out this snippet from an article from Pat LaPointe on Early Stage MT, and click here to read the full story on our Make Montana Home website. 

Services businesses, while cornerstones of our communities and critical to serving tourism, tend to re-circulate money already inside the state’s economy as the dollars pass from neighbor-to-neighbor. But when a company makes a product made here and sells it to companies or people living outside Montana, the size of Montana’s economy grows and jobs are created without corresponding increases in traffic or congestion or overburdening our schools. This kind of growth brings in tax dollars to fund critical statewide programs without relying on higher property or business taxes and keeps us relevant in a global economy, providing quality jobs for young adults so they can stay and live in thriving communities.

That’s precisely why we started Early Stage Montana – a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the growth of emerging technology businesses in Montana so they can create more good jobs and expand the economy, faster. We provide young tech companies with training, mentorship, and financing options to accelerate their growth, helping entrepreneurs avoid the common mistakes that tend to slow them down, while connecting them to networks of customers, partners, and advisors who can help them grow, faster.

In 2018, Early Stage Montana organized regional showcases throughout the state, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their businesses to a panel of experts and investors. More than 30 businesses entered. Seven with the most scalable ideas and promising assets were selected to attend an intensive week-long Hyper-Accelerator program supported by over 40 successful mentors helping them tune their plans and build bigger visions.

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