Keanan Brown, Founder of ELOI

Keanan Brown, Founder of ELOI

By Keanan Brown, ELOI Founder

When I was 15 I realized my passion for innovation, vision and business. I was an avid skier at the time, and highly dissatisfied with the apparel designs available. I decided I would teach myself to sew and began my journey to cut and sew my own shirts and sweatshirts for skiing. In doing this it led me to one of my passions to design and create a clothing line of logo’d wear. In order to start my business, I worked at a golf course for three years performing grounds maintenance and saved all my money to invest and grow my clothing line. My brand was born, ELOI Supply Co.

Making Connections

Despite positive growth, and while remaining debt free, over the next two years I became increasingly dissatisfied with the concept of higher investment and hopeful returns. During this time, I was making contacts with clothing industry networks, and formed a great mentoring relationship with the CEO of the world’s largest apparel manufacturer. He invited me to go to a marketing event in Las Vegas. I took my last $300 and bought my airline ticket to attend the conference. While there, I was inspired by the innovative opportunities I saw and began to dream about how I could develop the industry and beyond. I came back to Kalispell and started ELOI Marketing Group.

Now, being 22, I look back at my entrepreneurial beginnings. I realize how thankful I am for the mentors in my life and that I have been able to lean into and gain their wisdom, encouragement, and education. It is important to make intergenerational connections with other business owners, leaders, and people to grow as a person and as a business within our communities and the world. The local chamber of commerce has also been an essential connection for my business to understand local, state, and federal issues that affect our businesses and communities as well as networking with others, and utilizing the educational opportunities they offer. I have made great and lasting friendships through the chamber.

Nurturing ELOI

Growing ELOI has grown me as a person and as a business professional.

I have learned from a young age the importance of a strong work ethic, financial prudence/investing and the value of utilizing my time wisely. I was spending my nights at home designing and growing my dreams as a teenager, while most others my age were taking advantage of their free time. During this time I learned how to sacrifice, work independently, and keep myself inspired as a sole proprietor and to dress professionally, get to the office early and most nights I was working until wee hours of the morning. It was my responsibility to hold myself accountable to high standards to make wise choices and learn to interact within an adult world and gain credibility as a teenager. Self-education and constantly learning how to run all aspects of my business has been an important asset as well. In doing this, it has helped me understand the importance of building a strong internal structure that will last.

Here For Your Branding Needs

ELOI Marketing Group, now known as ELOI, is a branding and imaging company that custom tailors products and services to businesses through our diverse line of over 200,000+ products and custom manufacturing abilities. Our lines range from print to promotional including graphic, apparel and mailing services.

ELOI works with a diversified clientele from small local businesses to Fortune top companies. Whether you’re looking for a personalized service or buying online get in contact with a branding advisor or shop online at

Though we’ve taken great strides to develop and grow within the industry, my vision for ELOI greatly exceeds what has been done so far…I’m clearly not finished yet.

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