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The Montana Chamber of Commerce signed a letter by the Council of State Chambers with 37 other state chambers asking Congress to support infrastructure investment. Infrastructure is one of the Montana Chamber of Commerce’s core objectives in its ten-year strategic plan, Envision 2026.

An excerpt from the letter:

Investment in America’s infrastructure is a priority of the state business communities in 2018. As the thirty-seven undersigned representatives of the business community around the United States, we are appreciative of the broad discussion that infrastructure has received over the last 18
months. However, we believe that it is time to transform encouraging rhetoric to actual policy proposals and legislative action.

Our infrastructure desperately needs stability and growth, not flirtations and false promises. Our deteriorating national infrastructure is not solely a local issue, state issue, or a federal issue. It is not a small business or a large business issue or a Democratic or Republican issue. It is an American issue that requires strong leadership and action from Congress and the Administration.

[flipbook height=”500″ pdf=” ” title=”37 State Chambers of Commerce Urge the 115th Congress to Make Infrastructure Investment a Top Priority″ header=”Montana Chamber of Commerce”]

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