“The Chamber really helps us with a lot of resources for training in various areas, as well as networking within an international market.”


Operations Manager for Montana Hydraulics

The Montana Manufacturing Association (MMA) is the statewide association for manufacturers and their supporters. As a subsidiary of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, MMA members are eligible for dual membership with the Chamber and its tiered membership benefits. We are the biggest voice representing this stakeholder group at the Capitol. We promote manufacturing in several ways, including:

Our goal is to promote and grow manufacturing in Montana through advocacy, benefits and, conferences. Below is an outline of Montana Manufacturing Association Member benefits.

For additional information on this membership package, contact our Membership Director, Pete Burwell.



Member Benefits

Your membership supports advocacy for manufacturing in Montana. The Montana Manufacturing Association package includes advertising and promotional opportunities. It additionally provides access to Montana Chamber of Commerce member benefit programs such as Group Workers’ Comp, Health, Retirement, and other programs.

We encourage manufacturers of all sizes to join our ranks to maintain the momentum. Supporters of manufacturing not in the industry are also encouraged to join the Montana Manufacturing Association at no additional charge if they are already members of the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

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